Splicing in a new Oven Temperature Sensor

Behold with amazement the skilled handiwork of The Appliance Guru as he splices in a new oven temperature sensor into this customer's range.  It's like poetry in motion! 

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Diagnosing a Couple of Problems with the Door on a Frigidaire Dishwasher

The door on this dishwasher has a couple things going on with it: it falls down heavily when it's opened and the front panel is separating from the rest of the door.  The customer called me in to assess the problems and give an estimate for the repairs so they could decide whether to repair or replace the dishwasher.  Watch with shock and awe as The Appliance Guru immediately hones in on the problems with the accuracy and precision that only his calibrated eyeballs can bring to the job!

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Fixing a Frigidaire Top-Load Washer that Won't Pump Out

This customer contacted me at 2AM Saturday morning of Memorial Day Weekend via the Service Call Request form at the homepage of my website and I was there in just a few hours.  That's SOP for The Appliance Guru

The customer was at his condo by the golf course for the weekend and the washer in his Frigidaire stacked laundry unit wouldn't pump out.  That can really put a wet towel on a vacation!  I disassembled the pump and found a golf tee jamming the impeller.  In the video, I described it as "foreign object" because the customer didn't me want to say it was a golf tee in front of his wife and get him trouble.  Vacation and marital harmony both saved by The Appliance Guru

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Maytag Neptune Dryer with a Split Drum

Customer called with a complaint that her 7-year old Maytag Neptune MDE9700AYW dryer would hum when started then click off.  Also said the drum would not turn by hand.  What could the problem be?  The answer may surprise you! 

Epilogue: Turns out this is not covered under warranty. The failure occurred right at the seam where the drum was welded together.  Total fee to replace this drum, part and labor, is over $400.  I recommended that the customer purchase a new Whirlpool dryer with a lint filter on the top panel and no electronic controls, just knobs and switches, available at Sears for less than $500.  She's going to go that route. 

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Fixing a Whirlpool VM Washer that gets Stuck in the Cycle

This is the new Whirlpool top-loading high-efficiency washer, called the Vertical Modular Washer (VMW). The customer called in the complaint that her washer was not progressing in the cycle. Sometimes, the fix is easy... IF you understand how washers work and know what you're looking for.  Watch as The Appliance Guru zeros right in on the problem with breathtaking speed. 

This customer is on a well (dug well, not a drilled well) and doesn't use any sediment filters in her water supply.  The hot water side is never a problem because the hot water tank acts like a settling basin.  Can you imagine what the inside of that hot water tank looks like?  So the solution is to install a simple sediment filter in the water supply that can be changed as needed and protects the water heater and all wet appliances.  

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Troubleshooting an LG French Door Refrigerator with a Warm Freezer

The model number of this LG refrigerator is LFC25776ST/00. Customer reports that the freezer is warm but the fresh food compartment is still okay.  Watch in amazement as The Appliance Guru hunts down the problem as if it were a wild, senseless beast. 

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Troubleshooting a Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Crush / Cube Problem

Join The Appliance Guru on a troubleshooting safari where he hunts down a problem on an ice dispenser on a Frigidaire refrigerator that only dispenses crushed ice even when cubed ice is selected.  Is the problem the dispenser control board?  Is it the ice augur?  Is it the crusher/cuber solenoid?  Watch and see!  

The Appliance Guru
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Fixing an Amana Refrigerator with a Warm Beer Compartment

Watch with astonishment and admiration as The Appliance Guru quickly and expertly troubleshoots a problem with an Amana bottom-mount refrigerator and repairs it before the customer's very eyes. This could be you, too! 

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Fixing an Electric Range with No Bake, No Broil

Watch with amazement as The Appliance Guru plies his trade with Speed, Skill, and Honor...

Troubleshooting a No-Spin No-Agitate Problem in a Whirlpool VM Washer, Part 2 & Conclusion

Watch the thrilling and action-packed conclusion of the appliance repair rock opera, "Troubleshooting a No-Spin No-Agitate Problem in a Whirlpool VM Washer." What happened?  How did the story end?  What did the problem turn out to be? Watch and be amazed as The Appliance Guru practices his art!

Troubleshooting a No-Spin No-Agitate Problem on a Whirlpool VM Washer, Part 1

This is a recent service call I did on one of the newer Whirlpool top-loading HE washers, the so-called Vertical Modular Washer (VMW).  This is a low-end, rinky-dink machine that has very questionable durability.  

The complaint on this washer is no-spin, no-agitate.  For this complaint on this washer, you want to check out: the belt, the drive pulley, the mode shifter, the transmission.  

This video shows:

- How to put the control board into diagnostic mode to display error codes

- The main drive components underneath the washer

- How to remove the control console to access the control board

- The location of the wire harness to do electrical tests on the mode shifter

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