Q.  What is your hourly rate?

We don’t charge by the “time and materials” system that many tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians use.  Instead we use the Major Appliance Major Appliance Job Rate Guide, also called the appliance Blue Book, used by many appliance repair companies around the country. This allows us to quote an exact and fair repair cost to you up front after we’ve diagnosed the specific problem.

Our normal service call/diagnostic fee is $85. After diagnosing your machine, the completed job rate will be quoted to you up front. The components of the completed job rate are the service call/diagnostic fee + skill fee (varies according to the specific repair) + the retail part price. You can then decide whether or not to go forward with the repair. If you decide not to do the repair, you will just owe the service call/diagnostic fee. We do not charge extra for weekend or holiday service calls.

Q:  Can you send me a bill?

We do not use an invoicing service, therefore we request that payment is made as soon as we complete the job.  For your convenience, we accept checks, cash, credit cards, PayPal, gold, silver, and winning lottery tickets for payment when the service is completed.  If you pay the entire repair fee by cash, gold, or silver, we'll take $25 off the bill!  

Q.  Why can’t you tell me a specific time you will be there?

Every appliance repair service call is unique with lots of variables that affect timing, so the tightest time range we can give people is a two-hour window, since we are usually coming to your home after one or more other jobs.  And under certain circumstances, sometimes we have to give a two-hour window.  However, we can give you a courtesy call as we are heading over to your home so that you will know that we are on our way.  We try to make it as convenient as possible for you!

Q.  I think I know what repair needs to be done - can you quote me the price over the phone?

We aren’t called The Appliance Guru for nothing!  With the huge number of brands, models, and types of appliances out there - not to mention the increasing use of computer boards in appliances - appliance troubleshooting is much more complex than it used to be.  We want to be confident in any price quote we give you, so our guru will need to work his diagnostic mojo on your machine before talking cost.  Also, there are factors that can affect the pricing that we need to assess in person, such as ease of access and the condition of the appliance.  

Q.  Do you offer senior (or other) discounts?

We offer discounts to all of our customers!  See our Discounts page for details.  

Q.  I want to do my own repair - can I just buy the part from you?

We do not have a store or large enough inventory to sell parts personally, but we do sell parts right here through our website-- just use the parts search box at the top of the right-hand column on this page.  All parts come with a one-year return policy, even electrical parts that have already been installed-- it's a phenomenal deal!  

We love do-it-yourselfers! In fact, we have tons of online resources to help you do your own repairs - just look in the right-hand column of this page for a list of them.  At the top of that column is a search box that links you to our parts partner, where you can buy the part you need with prompt delivery and a fabulous 1-year guarantee, even on electrical or electronic parts that have already been installed. 

Q.  Will you be able to fix my appliance on your first trip?

Everyone is happy when the repair can be completed in the first trip, so we work hard to make sure that happens.  Our years of experience enables us to keep a smart inventory of more commonly needed parts, and we will bring along anything we have on hand that might be needed for your repair based on your brand, model, and problem description.  In the event that a part does need to be ordered, we usually get it in within a few days and can get right back out to complete the repair.  There are no additional trip charges for this situation.

Q.  Why do you need my model number ahead of time, and where can I find it?

While our guru has a lot of appliance wisdom stored in his brain, the internet from time to time knows something even he doesn’t ;).  We will use your model number to research your particular appliance before the job to look for any service bulletins put out by the manufacturer, download any applicable manuals and diagrams onto our portable device, and also pull any parts out of our inventory to bring along for the job.  These are such important steps that we pretty much insist on knowing your model number ahead of time, unless you are physically unable to get it for us.

Every appliance has a sticker or tag on it with the model number.  They are generally accessible without having to pull the appliance out, but you may need to get down on the floor with a flashlight and your reading glasses!  Here are some helpful diagrams showing you the most common places to find your model number.

Q.  Do you charge extra for weekend appointments?

No!  Saturdays are a normal work day for us, so we do not add on any extra fees.  So if you work during the week or this is a vacation/weekend home for you, we can easily schedule a Saturday appointment for you.

Q.  Do you sell new or used appliances?

We don’t have a store or showroom, so we are unable to sell appliances.

Q.  How do you handle repairs at rental properties?

We frequently repair appliances at rental properties, and while we follow the basic system outlined on the homepage and these FAQs, we work with each owner to figure out how to adapt to his/her particular situation (e.g., lives nearby versus out-of-town, etc.).  Just give us a call to discuss it!

Q.  Can I bring my appliance to your shop?

All of our service is done in your home - we do not have a shop where we work on any appliances.  In fact, chances are if the appliance in question is portable enough to be taken to a shop (toaster oven, non-built-in microwave, etc.), we don’t work on it!  We only repair major kitchen and laundry appliances.

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