Troubleshooting a No-Spin No-Agitate Problem on a Whirlpool VM Washer, Part 1

This is a recent service call I did on one of the newer Whirlpool top-loading HE washers, the so-called Vertical Modular Washer (VMW).  This is a low-end, rinky-dink machine that has very questionable durability.  

The complaint on this washer is no-spin, no-agitate.  For this complaint on this washer, you want to check out: the belt, the drive pulley, the mode shifter, the transmission.  

This video shows:

- How to put the control board into diagnostic mode to display error codes

- The main drive components underneath the washer

- How to remove the control console to access the control board

- The location of the wire harness to do electrical tests on the mode shifter

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