Old Business-New Name

It's a brave new day for the Brown Family of New London!  We're re-launching our in-home appliance service business with a new name: The Appliance Guru.  

Why?  Well, our other business name, Fixitnow.com Samurai Appliance Repair Man, plays well on the web but we discovered not so good as a service business.  For one thing, people just could not seem to remember the web site address, Fixitnow.com.  Invariably, they'd ask, "What was it again, Fixit.com?"  We actually had a local writer do an entire article in a local magazine about our site and she re-named it, "Fixitagain.com!"

Why fight a losing battle?  What seems clear, straightforward, and easy to remember for us clearly is not for others who don't have the familiarity we do with that name.  

Also, the Samurai thing is great schtick for the web but we found that most people in this area just didn't get the humor.  

We thought briefly about making it "Fix It Now Appliance Repair" but that's impersonal and still has the "fix it now" problem which doesn't seem to click with people's memories.  

Now comes "The Appliance Guru."  What's not to like?  It's memorable.  It's got a great web URL to go with it.  It's personal (evokes a person, not a faceless company).  Seems like a winner to us!  

Behind the scenes, the same people are running things:  Scott Brown, Ace technician extraordinaire, chief cook and bottlewasher; and Susan Brown, bookkeeper, job-juggler, and main cheerleader.

So, if you have an appliance repair problem, call on us.  We're long-time locals and you're supporting a local business.  And your money stays local because we shop local, too.  

The Appliance Guru: Fixed Right, Fixed Right Away

(603) 526-7129

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