Fixing a Maytag Dependable Care Washer that Overfills and Floods

Yet another case of a washing machine that overfills and floods from the "Stupid Plumber's Trick."  Typically, what I see happen is that the water flow will get choked off in the washer and it starts filling slowly, or the cold water stops coming in. For some inexplicable reason, the owner gets their plumber involved.  Plumbers are famous for not knowing what they don't know but *think* they know it all.  

So the plumber starts poking around and opens the water inlet valve in back of the washer.  He sees the protective sediment screens (note the word "protective") clogged up with sediment and says, "Aha!  I done found the problem!  I'll just remove these stupid screens that keep clogging up and problem solved.  Imma frikkin' genius!"  

But Stupid Plumber creates a new, bigger problem: now the valve is completely exposed to sediment damage and that the piston inside the valve can-- and often does-- get stuck open so it can no longer shut off the flow of water into the washer.  And the washer floods.  

Why would anyone call a plumber to fix their appliances?  

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