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 Posted: Sat Nov 13th, 2010 02:49 pm
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i was sent out to look at a maytag dishwsher our new tech had just worked on

boss informed me a motor/pump had been installed for a not cleaning complaint, now the machine still doesn't clean and its leaked through to the basement

made boss send the newbie to meet me

opened access panel and started machine, water instantly poured from the motor, drained machine and soaked up water and began dismantle

first thing i find is wash arm forced on, keyways not matching, next no split rings to be found, secondary filter is totally plugged with gookus(customer later admitted to washing jars to remove labels and was warned to discontinue this practice), now i see a huge split in the discharge housing, upon removal i find the inside part is seperated, asked n00b about this and he stated it was like that when dismantled so he reinstalled the same way, asked him how he figured a part was supposed to rest on top of a moving impeller and i got the "deer in the headlights look"

tore down to seals and found them so cockeyed the motor shaft had worm through lower seal face

by now i know this was a motor/sump, not motor pump and asked n00b how he figured a new motor and seals would solve a cleaning complaint(customer has already told me originally the motor was functioning cause it was very loud) this is where it gets even better.... n00b tells me the shop tech was sent out and originally did diagnosis

called customer and explained i had to order a discharge housing and secondary filter, as well as a new seal kit

then informed him i would rebuild the machine myself, write an invoice for the discharge housing and secondary filter,plus the service call and 1/2 hour labour the job might have taken, give this invoice to the customer at no additional charge and he could contact my employer to discuss a refund for the difference, as in my opinion the discharge housing and filter were all he ever needed

customer said "will your bill be much less than the 450$ i already paid"

i told him prolly about 300$ less

talked to boss and stated that from what i had seen the new tech was totally incompetant and should not be allowed in to another customers home , also told him the shop tech that diagnosed originally didn't spend the 5 minutes it would have taken to properly diagnose what i consider a common failure

oh!!!  he did this blunder just days after i had to go back to a frigidaire cooktop he had recently looked at and had caught fire, the recalled one! that should be taken out of service till repaired

ok, i can see maybe not knowing about the recall, but.... the reason it caught fire is because when he originally looked at it one of the switched had a shaft snapped entirely off and the switch was hanging inside the unit, he left the unit in service and sure enough the customer spilled water into the hole and the unit burnt up

in a way i hope the ppl involved in this, find this site and this post one day

just not sure if it would get through to my employer, but maybe if the customers involed find it they will pursue the legal action that should be taked for the damages to their home that was caused by complete incompetance on the techs part, and neglegance on my employers part for allowing this unqualified person(from now on i say person as i dont consider him a tech) into paying customers homes

cause after all this i was in the shop yesterday and saw they still have calls booked for him on monday


but hey, this kinda stuff sure did make the decision to change jobs easy


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The only stupid question is the one not asked
hope i've been helpfull, if you wish to buy Brnt beer kick here


feel free to prvt msg frigidaire questions my way
(i dont log in every day)
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Find Appliance Parts & Diagrams Here
Enter a model number, part number, type of appliance, brand, or even a part description.

365-day return policy on all parts ordered through this site!

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