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 Posted: Wed Jun 18th, 2008 12:56 pm
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Also, look around in the immediate area and look for any spilt could have the dreaded P.I.D. condition.........Pea In the Drain.... Do as  ROBBYRIG suggests to clear the tube  and look for spilt peas, corn, pieces of bread that will make it a bit tougher to remove the clog .  DO not just take a long pointy object to clean/clear the drain tube.  you could poke a hole in the rubber drain tube and then you will have defrost water going down the inner walls of the refer...  That is why we need the model numbers , to help us tell you if the drain tube  makes tight turns in the walls....... keep us posted....                     P.S. after clearing the drain tube, I add one CAP full of bleach   to the hot water to pour down the drain into the pan to kill  the gookus acummulus that is down there....