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 Posted: Mon Jun 2nd, 2008 11:38 am
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You will have to remove the rear panel in the freezer section to plant your squintties in the evaporator area....There is a drain pan below the evap.... is there a  sheet of ice over the pan? If there is, you have a blocked drain tube......remove the ice from thepan, do not use a screwdriver and start stabbing at it..... Use a hair dryer and start to warm up the ice/pan area,  use a  1" wide putty knife and slip it under the pan and lift a little bit for air to warm pan, it should pop out in a minute or two, there are faster ways but, this will work for you....... after ice is removed there is still a blocked drain tube... point the hair dryer at the drain tube and wait... use the hair dryer to move the excess water into the air vents that are right there and catch the water drips in a bowl placed in the top shelf of the refer. sec.    I use a long shaft screwdriver in the tube to help melt the blockage, (hair dryer heats  the metal shaft).....  another post someone used a piece of braze rod heated on the range top to heat the rod up and used that in the drain tube....... Risky for a first timer, parts are rubber and plastic   After the blockage is removed, pour a cup of hot  water down the tube to remove all ice.  Get one teaspoon of bleach to one cupwater, pour this mixture down the drain tube , to clean the drain pan in the compressor area           keep us posted

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