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 Posted: Sat May 31st, 2008 07:22 pm
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I just replaced the belt on my T760, following all valuable info and advise found here. It was not that difficult. But while there I found a part that was not attached to anything, just lying on the bottom. It is white plastic cap has code 8061956. Appliance Part list it but their listing only says "Series 700 Cap" and no picture. Does anybody know what that cap should be attached to and how critical is it?


Also, while stringing my new belt on the pulley, I noticed that the pulley has a lip only on one (closer to the motor) side. It does not look like the other side is broken or torn, but I am not sure how it holds the belt. Maybe it was iriginal design at the time I bought the dryer (around 2001). I would love to confirm that pulley should have lips on both sides. I will then order a new pulley and will (although not with much pleasure) again get to the dryer guts.


Thank you for your comments/answers.