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 Posted: Sat Apr 16th, 2005 12:02 pm
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The freezer hasn't been working for some time now.  I took off the inside back panel, cleared the drain hole and de-iced the coils.  Amazing it wouldn't work, eh?  The drain was clogged with pieces of paint that are flaking off the steel back panel.  After everything dried out - and all the popsicle sludge had been cleaned up - I pluggeed her back in and set it for 'normal.'  As of this writing, it's been almost 21 hours since the restart and ice making is going fine, but my ice cream is more like a milkshake and the popsicles are mushy (I don't want anymore sludge, ya know).

Do I give it more time or do I set the freezer for a lower temp (I haven't purchased a freezer thermometer yet, but my remote digital meat probe I hung inside prior to putting any goods in did read 'low' and it does read down to 32°F)?