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 Posted: Fri Jul 8th, 2005 01:09 am
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I have a Jennair Range, which appears to be a Maytag. Today it started beeping F1. It was not self cleaned or even in use when this started.

Before I get a new membrane or ERC, I'd like to know whether to get the temperature sensor.

If I actually turn the oven on and allow it to preheat, the beeping turns off for a while until I turn it off and the oven cools down and then the beeping resumes. Cutting power or pushing buttons turns it off for a few seconds. Could this be the temperature sensor or should I be looking to replace other components? There is a site that recommends unplugging the ERC to see if the beeping stops so I can identify if it is the membrane or the ERC and it mentions that in "newer" ranges it can be the temperature sensor. This range was purchased new in 1997 so I dont know if it is "newer" or not.

Your help is appreciated.