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 Posted: Wed Jul 6th, 2005 04:00 am
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I have the same problem with the door on my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator that I bought in the beginning of 2004. 

Model: 106.54602300

Serial: SR0244278

We first noticed the door on the refrigerator side was shorter than the freezer door by about 1/2" then my wife saw a crack at the bottom of the refrigerator door and was horrified to find that the hinge had broken through the plastic into the foam insulation of the door.

Before I had looked closely, I thought I could just replace the plastic piece which kind of raises the door as it opens, I guess to make it shut by itself as it goes back down.  Then I saw the whole door would basically have to be replaced to fix it.  We are worried about our 5 year old son or my pregnant wife being smashed by this heavy door if it drops down enough for the top hinge to come out. 

Front-view of corner.  (Sorry it's a bit blurry)

Side view: