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 Posted: Sat Apr 5th, 2008 01:52 pm
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Daughter had a problem with her fridge which originally appeared as a defrost timer problem.  Replaced the timer, and then the fridge and freezer were not cooling.  After unplugging it for a few days I noticed water under it.  Plugged it back in and temperature cooled to -5F within a day.  Freezer temp increased to +4F over the next few days but appears stable.  The fridge temp is good 28-34F depending on setting.  Looking at picture, my evaporator coils after a couple days looks like the picture attached here.  Heavy frost buildup at the bottom.  Defrost heater resistances appear ok but I'm a little confused. Bottom heater resistance was 20 ohms and the top was only 6 ohms?  Any ideas?