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 Posted: Sat Apr 16th, 2005 01:03 am
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As promised, here is the final update.  I replaced the timer and that resolved the problem.

I went ahead and disassembled the original timer assembly to provide failure analysis.  It turns out the the contacts are not fused together.  Rather, it turns out that the spring action of the contact arm that connects the grey and yellow external wires failed.  So the #1 contact lever arm did not return back to it's "home" position.   Failure is due to stress hardening of the copper metal like bending a paper clip many times (causing necking of the metal) at the same point to cause it to snap.  I tested the other lever contact arms and they seem to be fine, they returned to the original position.  Therefore the old timer assembly unit is history.  I will keep the motor section in case the new timer motors fails some time in the future.


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