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 Posted: Sun Mar 9th, 2008 09:27 pm
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Okay, I took everything out (your instructions were right on). Cleaned the filter and four way arm.  There was no obvious problem located other than a wad of gunk in the filter housing and lots of funky greasy buildup.  At this point, with everything still out, I closed it up and started it again.  The noise was still there. 
I then removed the discharge housing cover and located a black impeller with a disk laying on top.  The disk appears warped.  And, on the side against the impeller, the disk is worn and burned.  It appears that it might have been attached to something at one point as it has a raised center hole.  This time I replaced the housing cover without the disk and more noise!  Hurrah!  At the beginning, I located a piece (about like a piece of potato peel, but much tougher) that I now believe to be a piece of this disk. 
I suppose at this point I will be replacing something, but how much of this is now involved?
I attempted to attach a picture, but it is too large.  Sorry.