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 Posted: Sun Mar 9th, 2008 06:55 pm
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I have a Maytag MAH 5500 AWH washer.  Yeah! it is the demon possessed one that has a meltdown when the loor lock is malfunctions.  I bought it used because it didn't work and replaced the door lock and control board components over a year ago and it has run great.  Until now....

Yesterday I put a load in it and found that it was not spun. I restarted the load and watched it for a few minutes.  The washer started to fill with water and then the motor started.  The timer then quickly advanced throug the wash cycle to the rinse.  The water pump started to  remove the water then it started to fill again right away.  When it got to the spin cycle it did nothing (the door lock light was on) then it went to the off cycle.  After stopping at the end cycle again, the timer then advanced on to the next cycle on the dial.  This would not stop unless the door was opened or the machine was unplugged.

Is this problem in the timer or the control board?  Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you very much.

BTW:  In the summer, a Corona with lime (yeah, parrothead)  and in the winter blue moon draft has been the recent choice.