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 Posted: Sun Mar 9th, 2008 06:05 pm
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In the center of your lower wash arm you have a round disc.  This un-threads (pressure from the palm of your hand will usually do it).  After that there will be a removable triangular piece, remove that.  Your wash arm and wash arm plate will now lift off.  After you remove your wash arm, the top of your motor is covered by your first filter.  To remove this, remove the torx screws that hold it in place and remove the filter plate.  There will be two white split rings that will probably pull off as well when you do this.  The go on with the openings 180* apart.  After the plate is removed, you will have access to your sump area.  Clean out all the debris and clean the filter, 4 armed back wash arm and any other gunk you find.  If you have to go beyond this point, the next piece is your discharge housing which is held on my torx screws as well.  Removing this will give you access to your impeller asm.  You will probably not have to go this far to find your culprit. 

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