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 Posted: Fri Mar 7th, 2008 11:03 am
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Ahhh the "Trying to help" Samauri speaks with much wisdom!

Just cut the wires?:yikes: Yes, just cut the wires! :D

Defrost thermostat -- GOOD TO KNOW! 

Factory Service note when replacing the defrost thermostat -"The two wires that lead from the defrost thermostat are TEST LEADS for use during factory assemply only...cut them short where they disappear into the wall...Once cut they need not be replaced or repaired." 

I see as an apprentice Samurai I have much to learn in the flow and potential disturbances of Chi around parts. Why for instance does the master parts maker elect to include notes on how to use a standard wire tie (now that's real useful) on the paper insert for the part, yet elect to omit the above tidbit?

And yes, the through the door water is now working. A continuing running compressor that is trying to cool down the frig without the aid of the evaporator fan running (due to a defrost thermostate failure) does tend to ice over the water lines. Even if you defrost the coils - carefully with a hair drier so as not to melt the very pliable plastic in that area - when you go to replace the defrost thermostat, the water storrage bottles may remain frozen. Time alone after a thermostat replacement solves that problem.

Live is again good in the kitchen.