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 Posted: Fri Mar 7th, 2008 03:46 am
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My husband and I just purchased a brand new Whirlpool side-by-side fridge in Feb '08.  Everything was going great until we noticed a constant drip coming from the water dispenser.  We followed the 3 minute rule to get the air bubbles out, but that didn't help.  I contacted Whirlpool and they sent out a service tech who took a look at our fridge and basically siad there was nothing he could do to fix it, and said we'd always have this insane problem.  Apparently all of the new refrigerators come with a tube system instead of the tanks because it is more cost efficient for the distributor.  He actually said they've gotten cheap.  Because of this new system, if there is any air in the water in your home, the water dispenser will always have air in it, therefore causing the consistent drip, drip, dripping that we have (I have to keep a cup on the tray to prevent the water from spilling over).  The service tech told me to call a plumber...  This is ridiculous.  Is there really nothing that we can do?  I hate the idea of paying a plumber to come "fix" the air in our water and pay more than what we spent on the fridge.  Who's to say one can even do that?  Is there any part out there that can fix this problem?  Please help!!!