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 Posted: Thu Mar 6th, 2008 09:35 pm
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Problem: Warm refriger

two defrost timers were replaced by Countywide Appliance didn't do the trick!
-one in late December
-another in late Feburary

Room temp on Refrigerator side
Warm upper freezer section
Cool & perhaps below 32 at the bottom of the freezer section

Refrigerator is running, lights on, etc.

True: there is warm air bowing out the back side of the refrigerator and at the toe plate
True: the evaporator coils are cold, ice packed near the top
True: the blower fan on top of the evaporator coils is NOT running (had to open up the pannel to verify that.
True: there is no flow of water out the door when pressed

Replace defrost thermostat

After much searching (just try ARS2665AB as the model number or try PARS2665ABO)
Find the part is a clip on defrost thermostat L48-33 degrees

AP Wagener had one in stock

Part also goes by:

Bag on sealed part says R0161088 but paper insert inside bag says R0158920
Instructions on bag. Part thankfully says L48-33F and looks like a match.
1. Use the wire tie to secure the unused leads in a place away from the evaporator fan blade
2. use the cap ( M0321202 ) to cover the test plug terminals.

From the front of refrigerator I replace the thermostat folowing plugs, jacks and wire color as best I can. However the old thermostat cannont be removed without actully cutting two wires that run through to the BACK compartment.

What do those two wires go to, and how do I hook them up? Time to break out the soldering iron? How stupid is this design?

For now I just cut them, put on tape and let it go at that. Frig is at least cooling again.

Anyone have a wiring diagram and can tell me where they go and if I need to hook them up again?

As of right now I have a cold frig which is welcome but the through the door water is still not operational. Perhaps those two wires? Perhaps the water bottle remains frozen.

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