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 Posted: Wed Mar 5th, 2008 12:37 am
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Thanks for the info. The console seems secure. I will leave well enough for now.

Just as an FYI; I use NORMAL, SANI RINSE, ENERGY SAVING DRY as my 'default' mode. The dishwasher seems to run about 40 minutes longer, BUT I will admit that the top shelf items seem cleaner, and I even noticed the stainless steel tub shines a bit more after cycle. The 'sensor soak' light seems to not say on as long as before, yet the wash time seems longer????

I should mention that I took Samurai's suggestion and switched to SHAKLEE Auto Dish detergent powder. It seems more expensive at first, but you use so much less, and get much less 'reject' dishes that you probably break even with Cascade's cost.

Thanks again for the help,