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 Posted: Tue Mar 4th, 2008 09:29 am
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I quickly got a cheap Siemens when I moved, €299 by then... plain simple build, mechanic timer, one temp setting, four cycle lengths (1 to 3 pre-rinses) plus rinse only (uses the last rinse portion of the main wash cycle). It heats whatever comes in to 60C for the second pre-rinse, wash, and last rinse, and has only one water intake port.

I'm not drinking much of the plain tap water here, but like I said I don't mind. I use it for cooking, washing, shower, coffee and the DW and it perhaps saves some cents every now and then to have warm water to heat. And the best of it, I don't need much of hot water, that means most of what I use comes thru the cold meter. Perhaps I could use the DW with hot water here, never measured, but seems it's hotter than 60 and maybe it ruins the softener, maybe not. The kitchen faucet I now have doesn't support hot water for DW, so I'd have to rig up a separate valve to the pipes, or change the faucet to a more modern one.

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