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 Posted: Sun Mar 2nd, 2008 04:20 pm
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Hello All,

I have the LG WM2432HW front loading washer and the dreaded LE error.

The unit was bought in September of 2004. I have gotten the LE error three times in the past. All three times I have used the unplug for X time period and all was good after that.

This time that is not working for me. After I plug the washer back in I do a "Drain and Spin" to get the water out. I then leave it for a while and try a load (one bed sheet). I get two different results based on how much time I leave the unit unplugged for.

If I leave it for a few hours the drum will try and clock wise spin. It moves the drum about a half inch and then it rocks back. It will then spin the drum counter clock for two full rotations. Then it will try the clock wise same as in the bigining and then back to the counter clock wise which works. On the next clock wise I get the "LE error".

If I only wait 20 or 30 min's I get no counter clock wise rotations and after the fifth attempt to move the drum I get the "LE error"

I was able to find at a cost the service manual for the washer. When I do a "QC Test Mode" the led display according the the service manual should be 18:9C but my unit shows a 18:7C. All the led segments are working. I am thinking this is just a version thing. 2002-12-28

I have shelves of service manual that I have collected over the years and this has to be one of the worst I have ever seen. There is just enough information to get you in but you will find yourself in over your head very quickly if you are not in the above average percentile when it comes to being mechanically and electrically adept. Thank goodness Im.

But now I need help. Everyone on the internet is talking about the "Ball Sensor" and the "Hall Sensor". I can find the "Ball Sensor" in the manual and its part number as well it looks to be an easy fix. As for the "Hall Sensor" The manual talks about it in the trouble shooting but then you never hear or see it in the rest of the rest of the manuel.

The "Ball Sensor" two parts
A490 Bracket Assembly 4811ER3001A
A495 Sensor Assembly 6501FA2462C

Can anyone help me track down a "Hall Sensor" part number.

Thank you

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