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 Posted: Sun Mar 2nd, 2008 02:25 pm
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"Is yours locked as it should be or can you move it? "

The upper half of the agitator freewheels counter clockwise, and catches and turns the tub, clockwise.  The lower is locked to the tub

"If you put the unit into spin, does it spin in the same direction that you state the tub is turning in agitate or is it the opposite way?"


"When you state it is just spinning in agitate, is the agitator spinning by itself or is the inner tub spinning as well during agitation?"

After looking closely,   It appears that the issue is that the inner tube is not locked, rather it is free to spin.  The agitator is in fact oscillating, but the tub starts spinning counter clockwise, which keeps the clothes from agitating and they just spin.

So the real issue it appears is the tub is not locked during agitation