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 Posted: Wed Feb 27th, 2008 08:55 pm
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Make sure the arms are clear and that the lower one is not split.  Grab the ends and give it a little twist like you are wringing out a towel and make sure the seam does not separate.  You stated you checked the filter and cleaned them, did you go all the way down to the round filter ring with the 4 armed backwash arm in the middle of it and did you clean that white arm as well?  Then check the water fill amount.  On this unit, you should be up to the bottom of the heating element at the 9 and 3 O'clock positions.  If it is not, put the unit into fill (from an empty tub) and watch the float as it fills.  Does the board time out prior to the float rising and stopping the water, or does the float stop the fill?  On this model, not all but this one, the float should be satisfied stopping the water prior to the board starting the motor.  I am a little worried about the " little disk sticking out a bit out of the assembly".  Can you describe it better (picture) and tell us if you put it back or removed it.     

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