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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 01:27 pm
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the only tests to do are the ones that are posted on the techncal guide RegPat posted (bottom of page 3) after looking at your mod # it does appear you have the adc that is made into the control panel (all in the unit)...after lettig the unit set and cool all the way back down then start a defrsot cycle and check for the heater to come on...if it does then the heater is ok and more than likely the control (adc) is going to be ok...which brings us full circle back to the def. stat

If the box will run for up to 2 mo then ice over it does indeed sound to me like an intermittent stat not letting it defrost leaves alilltle frost that will turn to hard ice and after a while it will become blocked

If your stat is indeed the one pictured in the thread it is junk (so was it's predessesor) I change these on every call I go on because I have been burnt by it before... touched on a good point..these evap. motors are very prone at going down at the drop of a hat...I have never had to change one on this style box but many on the side by sides and I'm pretty sure they are about the same..I ave had them go out completely, get hot and work sporadically cutting in and out and then just blowing at about 30%

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