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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 11:41 am
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With everything defrosted the stat would show open because it may not have  reached the appropriate temperature to close yet (usually around 25-30 degrees)...I had a customer a year or so ago that had basically the same unit...he got Maytag to send him the control board ( they said that was the problem)...I took a def. stat also...after installing the board it worked good so we didn't do the stat (showed good with a meter and heater came on after testing) I talked to him about 2 ish months later and he told me he ended up putting the stat on....I have since talked to him and there has been no mention of any problems...

if you enter defrost mode manually by using the tech info RegPat provided and the heater came on then the heater naturally is will then need to see if the coils defrost completely or if the heater shuts off too soon which would lead to a quick terminating stat....just my 2 cents hope it may be of some help

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