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 Posted: Sat Feb 16th, 2008 10:55 pm
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Well, you read my other post regarding the random start/stops that turned out to be the cycle selector dial.  As I mentioned there as well, once I reattached the dial and made sure it was properly aligned (stop is stop, color is color, etc) I double-checked all the other electrical connections on the wiring diagram and found three that were close to coming disconnected.

Prior to that problem, I had two blown water inlet valves, which prevented the washer from running -- would return to an unlocked blinking start when it sensed it wasn't getting water.  One other thing to check (from personal experience -- it sounds as though you have much more professional experience, so I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir) is that the drain pump is operational, since the washer also checks that prior to starting the cycle.

As mentioned by other on my post, check for crimped, cut, or otherwise damaged pressure tube.

These are from my personal experiences with the washer (which has been fantastic in the year since that last episode -- here's to ten more!).  There's a link to the service manual from Pegi on my other post. 

Best of luck to you!