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 Posted: Sat Feb 16th, 2008 07:46 pm
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definitely: LHW0050PQ

here are a few links to other threads discussing the same machine using that serial number.

these are eurotech's relabeled whirlpool.  They have had a plethora of problems and every thread I've seen on them makes me think they are really tough to diagnose.  Problems come and go.  That is the way it was with the first one that went down.  They said it wouldn't drain, i.e. stopped mid-cycle.  So I go over restart it it drains and runs fun.  Then a few days later it stops mid-cycle.  Then it won't start.  Then it starts.

The old won't stay broken problem.

The door switch and frame problem seemed a plausible explanation, but I have jumped those out to no avail. It runs when it feels like.

One of these posts suggest that the cycle selector switch was actually falling apart.  I didn't take a real close look at mine. It wasn't obviously broken but I'm going to go take another look. It definitely has that feel of something that makes contact some times and not others.

Any other thoughts would be a great help. I thought these machines were an affordable effective solution, but they have caused me untold headaches.


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