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 Posted: Sat Feb 16th, 2008 04:31 pm
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Have 4 of these washers in service. Two have come up short, so to speak. At first it appears to be problem with the door latch / door frame which has been documented here, but I pulled the door latch and have manually tripped it just after starting the machine, and then tried placing a switch across the BP1 - BP3 terminals (I think it was 1 to 3, I went with wiring diagram that shows which wires are NO and made by the switch once the bimetal unit heats).

Maybe one in ten tries this method works. The rest of the time the thing won't run.  This includes refusing multiple times in a row to entire diagnostic mode by starting with dials at 9 and 6 o'clock respectively and holding pre-wash button while pressing the start button. But then the 9th time out of ten the thing enters diagnostic mode and goes through every diagnostic run like we the people.

So there doesn't really seem to be anything broken.  I am physically making the door switch or cutting it out and the thing still won't go reliably. The door switch bimetal latch is actually live through the push button door sensor and switched on the neutral side out of the brainiac IC control.  On attempted starts when gives up, it sends the neutral, the door switch bimetal does generally make on its own (although I have assisted several tries and jumped it out to make sure) and the drum turns maybe once around a couple times, then after maybe 25 seconds it drops out the neutral and of course the bimetal releases. So the brain is opening the door lock, I believe in response to lack of some input that it is ready to fly.

This thing is driving me to drink (only good thing about it) and I got two of these goddamn things doing the same thing.  Next time I'm going after the Fridgidaire at Lowes that actually has a real friggin timer on it with cam driven contacts. This technology been working great for 100 years, what the hell possessed them to put an IC control on a goddamn washer.

Anybody have any religious experiences with these whirlpool labeled italian wonders? I have considered the semi-pro subscription to whirlpool assistance which is like $125, alot more than the small beer fund assembled here. I have 4 of these, so it might be worth it to protect the investment, but I don't know if I am going to get more sophisticated help with serious understanding of the theory of ops and what signal or lack thereof could be causing these machines to bag out. I've been fixing this stuff for 25 years and never been stumped.  I've found it not worth it to repair some units but I was always able to figure out what was wrong. These are driving me crazy.

If they actually end up needing brains, which I'm not convinced they do but it wouldn't be worth it at going on $300 a machine (not to mention they got a separate ic controller for the motor).  Just the damn bimetal doorswitch is $89 my cost from a wholesale parts distributor who, in my experience, treats me quite fairly. The friggin washers were not much more than $500.

They are a year and change out with relatively low hours so it would be good to save them. But I have a day and a half in between the two of 'em and another half day surfing the net to find diagnostic materials (thanks to appliance guru for having links -- too bad I didn't find this site first). If the whirlpool support for professionals behind or at least it was some link there that got me to a place where I could sign up, is good, I might take the chance.  Anybody have any experience with that organization or these washers?



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