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 Posted: Fri Feb 8th, 2008 05:11 pm
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:party:It was the check valve coming off the pump that was restricting the discharge flow. That what repair tech was referring to about a check valve being clogged with junk. :bananadance:

That is working fine now, but the dishes still have food particles on them after the completed cycle.:headbang:

Do you think I should replace my 2 "balls" or :huh: ?  I have ran the machine a couple of times without dishes to ensure all debris has been removed but with no luck with dishes.

I finally got tired of cutting my left hand on this machine so I decided to take off my index finger Monday night. :beating: Not really but I did managed to take off my left index finger on a metal lathing accident, so now working on this dishwasher will be a challenge and so will be typing.