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 Posted: Thu Apr 14th, 2005 11:46 pm
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Could be:

The solenoid valve

or frozen tubing near the reservoir
#810 812 in the picture below

Could be a broken damper (#426 in the picture above)

could be frozen water tubing inside the freezer door or even the switch on the door (#72 in the picture below)

A good starting point might be put your ear to the fridge and try to dispense a glass of water.  Do you hear the click of the switch?  Do you hear the hum from the solenoid?  Is the solenoid getting power when it is supposed to,  but not doing what it's supposed to when it's getting power? 

You can remove that valve assembly from the fridge with out disconnecting it so that you may check it.  Just be carefull when cramming it back in.