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 Posted: Thu Apr 14th, 2005 10:06 pm
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ok, so i got those parts and two things

 the drive block currently in there does not look worn ( i had to remove the inner basket to see) and it looks different than the part i ordered.  i checked the model number with the folks at repair clinic.  my drive block does not have those two notches on the inside. ???  it was the only whirlpool drive block i found.

also, i've removed the inner basket (the pictures i sent were before i did that and you could only see the top of the drive block.  but, i can't get the damn drive block out, i've tapped up on it like crazy, still it won't budge.  any suggestions?

PS:  while i'm at it should i clean out all that sludge in the bottom of the outer basket? 

thanks folks for all your help.

i'm putting  a pic of my washers innards here and in a reply to this post.


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