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 Posted: Mon Jan 21st, 2008 01:01 am
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Do you hear any noise when you try and get water? Get out the old meter and take the cardboard back off the frige. find the water inlet valve, there will be 2 different size pieces of plastic tubing attached to the bottom of it. one is 1/4" diameter and the other is 5/16 . the coil that is above the 5/16" tubing is the coil for your water. you will want to read voltage on that coil while someone else presses the water dispensor button. If you have good voltage then you need a new water valve. If you dont have voltage then it's back to the freezer door for futher diagnostics.

If you have voltage at the valve and want to confirm frozen door as Pegi described, just undo the connector underneath the freezer door and hit the water button. If you get water in your face ....then you have a frozen door ;)

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