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 Posted: Sun Jan 20th, 2008 09:37 pm
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Query: Is the self cleaning circuitry more likely to fail if it is only used a couple of times a year, or if it is used frequently?

We use the oven for bread, cookies and for covered dishes that just don't make much mess, so it doesn't need a serious cleaning very often, but we did end up replacing our ( 30 year old) Magic Chef range a few years back because I couldn't get it to unlatch after running the cleaning cycle. The unit itself was pretty darn clean, but I figured that since it was so old, and I was unaware of this place, it was ready for replacement. I replaced it with a second hand Kenmore, (ca. 1985, and 25 bucks at a thrift shop) which I am hoping will last until we are ready to remodel the kitchen in the next year or so.

Are we courting failure because we rarely use the self cleaning function?

Either way, if the latch does freeze up, is there a standard procedure for getting the latch to release?

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