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 Posted: Sun Jan 20th, 2008 12:37 am
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I may be, and possibly am wrong, now that I come to think about that again. I wasn't THAT good at school either, but somewhat got the impression that it is more efficient to steal from outside than produce inside... well at least with the earth heat pump... I may be completely wrong with my theory with the air heat pump, though.

We get some 60W comps on the average smallish fridge box, then the fridge-freezer towers are around 80 to 100W, and the side by side units may have up to 200W, often with two separate processes for the fridge and freezer, rather than producing all the cold in the freezer like in the common American units... although we have similar single-process units too.

The principles of refrigeration were clear to me before I went to high school, but as I was originally going to be just an electrician, I took the line with little excursion to the appliantology world. Well then there were 16 electricians discharged from our class, of whom a couple just vaguely passed.

There was a quite hot girl two classes down from us, though. Never got to know her, but heard later that she passed with great results.

So now I'm an electrician who has appliantological wisdom mainly through my own experiment.

BTW I'm safely drunk again.

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