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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2008 02:18 pm
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These units drain based on the float switch AND a timer; they drain unitil the float switch closes and then for a specific time thereafter, or until a "deadman" time timer sets if the float switch doesn't close to prevent motor/seal burnout from running dry.

If these units are healthy & not backed up in the drain, they should evacuate completely in 45-90 seconds & shut off shortly after that.

I would try next letting the drain hose dump into a bucket to verify proper volume; if it drains completely & has good flow, I'd look into wherever that drain hose connects to your sink drain.

After that, I'd guess the next step would be the pump itself. Use the manual for the PowerClean Module found here:

and disassemble the unit down to the pump impeller & macerator. Look for any clogs or damage to the impeller; try sticking the hose of your shop vac on the end of the drain nipple to verify clear passages from the pump cavity to the drain.

Do NOT remove the screws holding the motor to the pump housing, even though the directions show you how. You need a special alignment tool to put it back together; without it you'll be fixing a prematurely failed mainseal in short order, and there is nothing to service which requires that disassembly.

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