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 Posted: Mon Jan 14th, 2008 07:32 am
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himeros wrote:
AccApp wrote: That compressor is drawing way too much current for my taste. I'd start saving for a new unit.

How much should a 7 years old box draw, and how good is his meter?


Most newer boxes, (I would say under 10years old), are energy efficient units and usually have a run capacitor. Generally you will see a high of around 8-10 amps just for a second when starting then you should see the amp draw go down below 2 amps then as the unit runs it should be running at around .8 - 1.2 amps, (this is the total amps read at the power cord, not just the compressor, so it also includes both fans).

I very seldom take an amp reading of just the compressor but when I have on one that shows the above characteristics I have usually seen around .5 - .6 amps for just the compressor after it has been running for about 5 minutes.

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