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 Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2008 12:03 am
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As AccApp stated, and so did I in an earlier post, YOU CAN NOT DO THIS, YOU MUST LET IT STAND FOR AT LEAST 20 MINUTES BEFORE REPLUGING.  You will destroy the 3 in1 and the compressor by not letting it rest.  After it runs for a few minutes, take a current reading, and post it here.  Good luck, and give it a chance.




JJ 109 wrote:
Installed the 3 in 1.  Got here fast.  Dosen't look like its going to work. :( It staterd the first time as usual.  Unplugged/replugged did not start the second or third.  Let sit for a couple minutes and tried and it started.  I am going to let it run for a while but don't have much faith it will be reliable.:(