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 Posted: Mon Dec 31st, 2007 06:42 pm
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Trying to help

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The locked rotor position of this unit will draw the 18 and change reading you are seeing.  This is the condition you are reading as the compressor hums away that awful song of death.  The correct reading for a compressor on this unit would be around 1.2-1.5ish as it runs along.  The 2.5 you read after the system fired up and ran for a while is the sign of a compressor failing.  You will need a new pump my Amber Bock drinking friend.  Sorry.  As a tech, whenever I have to replace a relay overload on a unit I always monitor the amp draw for a while (if she does start up).  If I would of read the 2.5 you did I would of told the consumer your pump is on the way out, it's guaranteed till I push it back into it's place.  If a warranty situation I order one right there, if COD, I provide the new quote.      

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