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 Posted: Mon Dec 24th, 2007 12:58 am
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Hi, I've been experiencing the same problem = will not spin but washes fine.

As recommended by "Trying to help" - I took JP4 off the motor control board and ran the motor test.  It ran for 10 to 15 minutes at about 50 r.p.m.  Seeing that as a successful motor test I pressed STOP.

My question is:

    Now what? :(

Do I have a bad machine control board (again)?

I replaced the machine control about 3 years ago, maybe four, because I had (yes, you guessed it) the dreaded R11/Q6 / wax motor problem.  Yes, we claimed off Maytag but all we got was a $280 coupon... towards the purchase of another Maytag appliance - duh - such a deal!

I'd be really glad to know what you recommend might be wrong or what to test next.

Thanks too, to the great person who scanned and shared the repair manual, which I'm reading for extra ideas.  Yah boo sucks to Maytag - especially for all their non-help !!

The beer fund money is waiting :)


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