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 Posted: Sun Dec 2nd, 2007 11:39 am
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BigChiefNocaHoma wrote: Well...does this forum kick total butt, or what???  I went to my friend's house today, finally got the little round door off (stubborn little sucker!), and unleashed the hounds by taking off the cap of the drain pump.  I needed towels alright, only I needed about a dozen instead of three because so much water poured out!!!!  (Bosch should really give you some kind of specially designed bucket or something to catch all that water, because the drain is so close to the floor, there is no humanly way possible to catch it with anything but a towel, and believe me, plenty went all over the floor.  But, we had a great idea, after the fact of course - cut the top out of a plastic gallon milk container at an angle - it would be curved, and I think it might fit right under the drain pump and can catch the water as it comes flooding out!)  Once it finally finished draining (seemed like an hour!), I opened the cap completely, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a miniature sock and eight tiny buckshot...  (Well, not eight, but there were two pellets from where her son had left them in his pocket after he went squirrel hunting; there was also a nickel in there.)  The main  culprit was my friend's daughter's little white sock stuck completely in the drain mechanism.  I removed all the stuff, and voila!!!  The door unlocked, we started the load again, everything washed, rinsed and drained beautifully, and the rest is history.  My friend is beside herself with happiness, and has already done three loads tonight (she says she'll now put all her daughter's socks in a bag so they won't get sucked into the pump again).  She says she can't wait to call the repairman on Monday to tell him she no longer needs his services because her housewife friend fixed it already - who says chicks can't fix things????  And, I have elevated myself to icon status in her husband's eyes because I saved him all that dough for the service call.  This forum is the best five bucks I ever spent - a big shout out and a heartfelt thank you for your help!  Another success story - I'm thrilled!

way to go, I never doubted your ability for a sec. ;)

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