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 Posted: Tue Nov 27th, 2007 04:54 pm
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Do you have a volt ohm meter?  If not, we can jump each switch one at a time with a piece of wire or metal paperclip to find the culprit.  One switch is mounted to the front of the tub dead center when you take the front panel off and the other two are under the main top.  Jumping one at a time and then going back into the test mode will determine which switch is bad.  Also give a little tug on each wire that goes to the switch, you may just have a loose connection.

To remove the front of the washer

* Remove the screws that hold the hinge to the unit, not the hinge to the door.

* Remove the screws and plates on the opposite side of the hinges that would be used if you were switching the door.

* Grab the front panel at the top on each side and pull toward you.  The front panel will hinge toward you and can be removes while the door stays on for testing.    

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