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 Posted: Mon Nov 26th, 2007 08:06 pm
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I was excited to get a fancy new washer and dryer and when shopping made sure that I found models that allowed me to turn OFF the cycle signals, because I hate buzzers.  Absolutely. Hate. Buzzers.

Argh! Turns out that on the model I chose, I have to turn off the "cycle signal" EVERY SINGLE TIME I set the stupid washer or dryer.  It resets itself to "on" every time.  And if I change my mind about which cycle type I want to run, when I change to the new cycle type, the cycle signal is set to on.  And the cycle signal is not a cycle signal at all, but just a goshdarned beep that beeps to tell me I've changed the cycle or pushed any of the stupid buttons on the stupid front of the stupid machine.

Please tell me there is some magic key combination to allow me to turn OFF the cycle signal as the default, and turn it ON only when I might want it (like, when I want to be aggravated by computery beepy noises).  Please.  And then tell me how to do it.  Please?

My washer is model no. 417.48102701, and my dryer is model no. 417.88042700.

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