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 Posted: Sun Nov 25th, 2007 02:20 pm
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You will want to take the front off of the unit but leave the door on.  Remove the two screws from the hinges, and the plates opposite of the hinge location on the other side of the opening (for door reversal).  The front will then remove.  After that, close the door, put the timer in a 6 hour delay, and pull the JP4 (Yellow, Red, Blue and a double White Jumper  ) connector off the motor control board which is located behind the front panel on the front right machine floor and let it hang in the air.   When you press the start button in this position, JP4 off, in delay, washer door closed you are in a motor test.  The motor should start spinning in one direction at 50 RPM's.  If it does, let it run for a minute or two to see if it shuts off or if it will run.  If it does not, you will need to do a voltage test on the board at the connector that has a white wire and a black wire (a green ground I believe as well).  If you have 120VAC from white to black, and the motor is not turning, you will need the part listed below.

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