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 Posted: Sun Nov 11th, 2007 01:32 pm
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I still have page 1 of the instructions but even at the highest compression, it would not go below the 200KB limit. When  did they change that.

Anyway, page 1 will not help because all it says about that is "Remove the dispenser housing cover."

But what William Burk says in his post is correct. The outer bezel just pops off with prying action. Look for the depressions and pry there.  I used a screwdriver with tape protecting the door and the plastic deformed a bit. I think Mr. Burk's suggestion to use a putty knife would not tear the plastic up much.

There are some other parts you have to remove to get them out of the way after you get the bezel off. As i recall, you will need a min-socket set for the small screws.

 It's still working fine by the way.