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 Posted: Sat Jun 25th, 2005 05:52 pm
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I have a 2-3 yr old GE GSS25LGMB  side by side fridge whose ice dispenser stopped working.  The control panel in the door seems to work, as it will dispense water OK and it will active the dispenser chute when cube or crushed is pressed, so I don't think the door panel or the hinge wiring is the problem (I hope).  When I open the door, take out the ice tray, which is full, so the icemaker is working fine, and hold in the door closed switch/sensor on the lefthand side of the freezer, and then press the cube button, a solenoid activates to the left of the auger drive forks, but the auger drive forks themselves do not turn.  Also, if I try to turn the fork by hand, it will not move, but I have not really forced just seems immobile.  Also, other than the solenoid activation at onset, there is no noise other than the freezer fan.  Is the motor gone?  Is there a fuse somewhere?  Or is it some mysterious combo of faults on one or more control boards.  How does one check and isolate?  I have a DVM and other tools.

Any trouble shooting suggestions and diagrams would be much appreciated.