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 Posted: Wed Nov 7th, 2007 11:03 pm
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AccApp wrote: You can inadvertantly damage any motor by trying to run it in a locked rotor state. I'd replace the pump.

Okay, I bought the new pump (part number 131268401) but the connector locations for the green grounding wire and the "power harness" are on the left side of the pump instead of on the right like the old pump. 

The photo shows the new pump on the right and the old pump on the left.  Notice that with the new pump, I'm having to route the two sets of wires across the top of the pump and, therefore, cannot fix the plastic, protective water shield (I guess this is what it is) across the top of the pump.  If I mount the pump with the power connectors facing right, then the discharge valve is on the wrong side.

What is the solution here?  Does Frigidaire sell some kind of wire extenders that extend the length of the ground wire and the wiring harness to solve just this problem?  If so, what are the part numbers?  Or, is there some way to reverse the direction of the discharge valve?

As always, grazie mille e birra molta!!

Tommaso Primo

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