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 Posted: Sat Oct 20th, 2007 03:02 pm
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Samurai Appliance Repair Man wrote: Remove the front panel, take the suction hose off the pump and remove the coins and bobby pins from the pump impeller. Good to go.

Hello, I had this problem a couple weeks ago and found a bra underwire stuck in the motor.  After following your sage advice, everything has been working fine since then. 

Yesterday, it stopped pumping the water out again.  I ran another load and it worked.  This morning, it wasn't pumping again, so I took it apart in search of yet another underwire.  This time there was nothing.  I did notice, however, that in trying to spin the blades by hand, there was a lot of "startup" resistance.  I put it all back together and its working fine again.

My question is whether the on again / off again nature of this problem, coupled with the difficult in hand spinning the blade is a good indication that the water pump in the nine year old machine needs to be replaced.  What do you think?  I certainly don't enjoy wrestling the red metal flangy things and getting stinky water all over my laundryroom floor.  Should I bite the bullet and replace the pump, or does it need some kind of WD40 lubrication treatment? I took the plastic cover off that sits just above the motor and the motor itself is pretty rusty looking.

Muchas Gracias and Feliz Cerveza!