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 Posted: Wed Jul 25th, 2007 05:34 pm
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Thank you very much for your help jabko.. got another question.. i been trying to find a manual on these ge s's and havnt been able to find one .. 

I tried ge a while ago and they didnt have any updated manuals on these newer s's with adaptive defrost.. is there somewhere i can get one?... Another question...

Does the thermister regulate amps or watts with resistance??...From what Im understanding ....its Not just a on and off a defrost themostate?? or is it?

And is there a way on ge's to force the defrost with the m. board or the only way is to  just jumb at m.board  to check heaters ect.. 

 But  That still dont tell ya if the mother board is going thu a defrost cycle.

Thanks  again for all your help!